A complete set of eight cards from the underrated science fiction adventure yarn, directed by the late Michael Crichton (author of “Jurassic Park”) and released back in the mid 1980’s.

You may well recognise Cynthia Rhodes from co-starring with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing” (1987).


This set of cards is in virtually perfect condition. Seven of the Eight cards have absolutely no damage at all. The other has one blemish that I would describe as a "pinch crease" - located to the mid-right hand side of the card. It in no way spoils the card (nor the set), but is visible from certain angles, so worthy of a mention.


Sorry, but this set is not for sale at the present time. If you are looking to add similar cards to your own collection I would recommend checking on Ebay®. To list all LIVE matching listings follow the dedicated link (below).


Michael Crichton


Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes, Gene Simmons, Kirstie Alley, Stan Shaw


Country of Origin

NSS Release



Action, Crime
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