eBay: Your #1 online destination for Lobby Cards

Seemingly an uninspired choice at first, Ebay® is without doubt THE biggest and best destination for finding, buying and also selling lobby cards online. It's also the ideal starting point for beginners.

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Other places to buy

There are of course other marketplaces and websites to consider (such as the Amazon Marketplace, Etsy, dedicated memorabilia shops - and independent specialist retailers). However.. based on over 20 years of personal collecting experiences, nowhere else online comes close to Ebay for the sheer volume, scope and regularity of lobby card listings you can expect to encounter on there.

Once fully completed, this area of the Lobby Cards Gallery Website will include a comprehensive guide for monitoring and finding what you are seeking on Ebay. For the time being, I have prepared a selection of pre-formatted direct links to Ebay - each of which list LIVE listings of particularly lobby card categories - and also some especially popular movie franchises.

As this website is based in and operates out of the UK, you will note that the links here at to ebay.co.uk. However, don't worry about this if you are based outside of the UK. Each pre-configured link is set to include matching listings based "Worldwide", which is a useful tip in itself. Furthermore, you may also find that you are automatically redirected the corresponding page on your country's Ebay Website. Happy collecting!

Exceptions to the rule.

In the interests of balance, it is important to point out that the "personal experiences" I referred relates the acquisition of hundreds of lobby cards from the 1950s onwards. Whilst my own extensive collection (showcased here in part in the Gallery) does also include some (even) older cards, they are the minority. That's not to say you won't encounter listings for very early lobbies over on Ebay - just be prepared for potentially crazy high pricing, along with an increase in the number of dreaded reproduction cards. These are things to be aware of for all memorabilia listed, but especially so when seeking cards for movies released prior to 1950. As such, if collecting cards from that era is your primary area of interest, Ebay does not come so strongly recommended. Most Sellers of reproduction cards DO tend to clearly describe their listings as such. However, it is continually irritating to have to sift through a non-trivial number of such offerings - in search of the "Real McCoy"!

As always: Buyer beware.