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    • As of November, 2023 there are close to 950 Likes on the Page and over 1,000 people "Follow" updates on the page. Why not join them?
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    • All welcome. Join over 900 hundred fellow collectors and general lobby card enthusiasts in this popular, highly focussed discussion group. All welcome! (including card dealers)
    • Spam-free! Each member request is manually-approved, which means no spam/junk accounts clogging things up
    • Trade freely. Share your "Wants Lists", or offer cards for sale (authentic memorabilia ONLY, please - and ALL items offered MUST be priced clearly (including shipping options). A fair use policy applies. Posts not following these simple, fair guidelines will be removed.
  • @LobbyCardTweets on Twitter

    • Occasional Tweets discussing our beloved hobby - including some exclusive content posts, from time to time...
  • @LobbyCardsGallery on Instagram

    • Featuring exclusive photographs of lobby cards and also information on how to store and ship these precious card gems!
  • @LobbyCardsGallery on Pinterest

    • Seldom-used at the present time (Summer, 2022) - but this is set to change in the future (notably once this website becomes transactional and offers cards for sale). Stay tuned...

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