A complete set of eight photograph cards from the 1971 directorial debut of George Lucas.


This vintage set of images is in "Used, Fair" condition. Each photo card has at least two pin-holes (top, middle) - and various other blemishes (including corner creases, surface blemishes, a general sense of grubbiness and so on). Each image would still look stunning if framed, as this would disguise and deflect attention from the warped, used nature of the individual cards when handled "loose".

Collector's note: Even as an experienced collector I find it difficult to determine if these are "Press Kit Photographs" or "Lobby Cards". The point of confusion is that they are printed on particularly thick card (as opposed to "photographic paper", which as you will know from press kit photographs is considerably thinner..). There is no "NSS" code stated but it would appear to me that these originate from the USA (even though a full-colour USA set of lobby cards *does* also exist for this particular release). They have a fairly glossy finish, which also indicates press kit pictures.. and yet overall I remain confident that they are lobbies!

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George Lucas


Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence


Country of Origin


NSS Release

n/a (none stated)


drama, Sci-Fi
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