A complete set of eight cards from the UK release of the Michael Mann neo-noir crime drama “Thief” (mysteriously and poorly retitled as “Violent Streets” for the release in British cinemas).

The film was actually based on a novel written by Frank Hohimer titled “The Home Invaders: Confessions of a Cat Burglar“, first published some six years prior in 1975. This rare publication has been out of print for decades, but you can often pick up a used copy over on the Amazon Marketplace or Ebay. In the United Kingdom, a “movie tie-in” retitled paperback was also published.

Collector Notes

It's worth noting that these are actually the identical cards to the USA set. As was occasionally the case for the UK release, an additional "caption bar label" was (somewhat roughly..) placed over the original footer of the American cards. If you look closely (when the cards are in your hands) you can sometimes make out the original NSS information ("Litho in U.S.A." etc.) below the UK sticker on top.


This rare, vintage set of cards is available to buy. Price: £50 (+£10 for oversees shipping). Enquire!


Michael Mann


James Caan, Tuesday Weld, Robert Prosky, Willie Nelson


Country of Origin


NSS Release

n/a (UK release)


crime, drama, thriller


Michael Mann, James Caan, Tangerine Dream, neo-noir

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