An assumed to be complete set of twelve glossy black and white photographs from the original USA release of this classic Spielberg family movie. In stark contrast to the British Front of House colour stills for E.T., these American press kit pictures are all too happy to “show Spielberg’s hand” and directly reveal the visual appearance of the titular space adventurer: E.T. – the character features prominently on a few of the stills.

Love E.T.? (who doesn’t..)

Be sure to check out the music video by UK indie band White Lies for one of their biggest and best songs to date: “Bigger Than Us” (2011).

As you’ll see, with an additional somewhat surreal twist it pays homage to the look and general vibe from Spielberg’s masterpiece that is “E.T.”. Watch the video over on YouTube HERE.

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Also.. the eternally magical E.T. soundtrack score composed by John Williams is available on Apple Music


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Steven Spielberg


Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas, Peter Coyote, Robert MacNaughton, Drew Barrymore


Country of Origin


NSS Release

n/a (press kit photos)


Family, Sci-Fi
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