A batch of four press kit style glossy photographs produced by distribution company “Blue Dolphin” to help promote the 25th anniversary release of this landmark music festival documentary.


Collectors should note that the apparent blemishes and general discolouration present is actually from the source images used by the distributors. These (source images) were most likely original press photographs dating back to the time of the original release of Woodstock in cinemas (circa. 1970). The four images you are viewing here are comparatively "modern day" - having been printed in the mid 1990s, again to promote and market the 25th Anniversary Director's Cut. The backs of these photo prints do also have marks and discolouration. This does not spoil the quality of the front-facing pictures however.

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Michael Wadleigh


Richie Havens, Joan Baez, The Who, Arlo Guthrie


Country of Origin


NSS Release

n/a (UK release)


documentary, musical, biography