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A partial set of four cards from the effective follow-up to Watership Down, once again based on a source novel written by the late Richard Adams.

Directed by Martin Rosen (Women in Love, Watership Down), The Plague Dogs caused some upset at the time of it’s release in cinemas – and also proved somewhat impossible to market and failed to find an audience as a result. Hard-hitting subject matter including animal testing (and cruelty) jarred against the seemingly innocuous Parent Guidance “PG” certificate – and of course animated visuals throughout. Retrospectively considered as an misunderstood masterpiece, the film has finally seen light of day on DVD and Blu-ray digital formats over the years (typically presented in one of two versions – an “Extended Cut” containing further distressing scenes not present on the original theatrical and Home Video releases).

If you have never seen nor heard of this film previously, be sure to seek it out – a quite unique, remarkable piece of work.


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Martin Rosen


John Hurt [voice], Christopher Benjamin [voice], James Bolam [voice]


Country of Origin


NSS Release

n/a (UK release)


Animation, Adventure
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