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A partial set of eight cards from from the original USA release. Variable condition (see notes). Although the cards are not individually numbered, there were believed to be 12 cards in the original complete set. Note that Gene Hackman does not feature in any of this batch of eight images.


Somewhat unusually, it would appear that all 8 of these cards were partially trimmed down in size at some point in the page. As a result they have a slightly uneven edge and measure a fraction less than 10" x 8".

All of the cards also show signs of handling and prior use (particularly on the reverse side, which are a little grubby and have adhesive residue). Some are in "VG+" condition with fewer blemishes, whereas others have more crumpling/creasing, so grade as "VG-".

Should you require a detailed reporon the condition of this memorabilia, please get in touch


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Michael Ritchie


Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Camilla Sparv, Karl Michael Vogler


Country of Origin


NSS Release



drama, sport
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