The Jungle Book (1967) [r1983]

A complete set of 8 colour cards, believed to be from the 1983 rerelease of the Disney classic in the United Kingdom. These are 100% authentic, official cards – but are not from the original 1967 theatrical release in cinemas. These images … Read more

Roar of the Crowd (1953)

A single, vintage card measuring 14″ x 11″ from 1953. Please note: There are a selection of pin-holes and staple marks to the corners, none of which spoil the image – but are present and noticeable.

Hot Summer Night (1957)

A pair of vintage cards, each measuring 14″ x 11″ and from the original 1957 release in USA cinemas. No pin-holes!

Woodstock (1970)

A vibrant, vintage colour card from the UK release of the culturally important documentary from 1970: “Woodstock”. No pin-holes and with little or no surface creasing nor marks. Probably in as good condition as possible for a card now comfortably … Read more

The French Connection (1970)

A complete set of 8 vibrant colour images from William Friedkin’s classic crime drama, starring Gene Hackman. These cards were printed in Great Britain, for the original UK release in cinemas. This authentic, complete vintage set has zero defects (no damage). … Read more

The Plank (1967)

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Heaven Fell That Night (1958)

A single, vintage card from the UK theatrical cinema release of the film Featuring both lead actors: legendary sex symbol Brigitte Bardot alongside Stephen Boyd From the director of “And God Created Woman”, Roger Vadim Sorry.. but this card is not currently available for … Read more

Kes (1969)

The football scene card has virtually no blemishes at all, as does the classroom scene card – with the exception of a mark showing through from damage on the reverse side unfortunately (centre, towards top – above the teacher’s right … Read more

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